Adrienne Fink knows her essential oils

Adrienne Fink is an essential oils Wellness Advocate with doTerra Essential Oils.  She started her journey with essential oils in December 2014.  She is certified in “Aromatouch Technique” and “Symphony of the Cells” topical essential oil applications.  Adrienne is a strong advocate for using certified pure therapeutic grade oils to change your life. 

DoTerra emphasizes purity in its products.  The Essential Oil industry is not officially regulated so other brands that profess to sell essential oils can include all manner of nonessential additives.  In contrast, doTerra IS 100% pure and the company believes purity is the most important factor. At  doTerra  the product lines are tested and sampled for purity and effectiveness.  DoTerra searches worldwide for the best ingredients and conducts over 50 tests on a single batch of oils to prove they are pure, potent, and effective.  The bottle even reveals all the testing that is conducted.  DoTerra also cares about the sources from which it gets the ingredients for its essential oils.  DoTerra does not own any of the farms but buys from selected sources and invests in the infrastructure of the locations and in the people where good sources are located.  Do Terra does “co-source impacting” which means, for example, doTerra will go in and build a well or a school or finance better education but leave the property ownership to the people who live at the location.  DoTerra is all about heart and helping others. 

DoTerra is changing the world one drop at a time.  DoTerra’s mission is to “change the world one drop at a time.”  You don’t need more than one drop of doTerra oils to realize an effect.  DoTerra’s mission of change extends to its own carbon footprint.   DoTerra no longer uses bubblewrap in its packaging, and only uses sustainable packaging, which will significantly reduce its carbon footprint over the next 2-5 years.  “DoTerra” means the gift of the earth and it lives its mission!

DoTerra Abode product line.    DoTerra has a new product line called Abode.  Abode represents a new formula with new scents using eleven different essential oils , known for their cleaning qualities.   Abode features multi-use products including a surface cleaner, dishwashing liquid (machine and hand), laundry soap, handwashing liquid, and hand lotion.  Of course, like all other doTerra products, Abode does not include any harsh chemical ingredients, only essential oils.  You do not need harsh chemicals to clean your environment.  More people are realizing that harsh chemicals that are included in a lot of cleaning solutions can have negative health effects over time!  The Abode product line uses clean, green ingredients and sustainable packaging and is just as effective at cleaning as the products with harsh additives.  The Abode product line comes in recyclable aluminum bottles that can be decanted into the glass dispenser bottles.  As with all DoTerra products, responsibility and sustainability are important.

DoTerra Holiday Products.  Some new and holiday doTerra products are available starting November 1, 2021.

For more information about how doTerra natural oils and products can change your life, reach out to Adrienne at 650-302-3899. She is more than happy to share her personal experiences and knowledge about how essential oils can improve your life. She can also be reached by emailing her at